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johnnie-o tote bag,Tassels are a ideal addition for the collection of a art hobbyist. Tassels can be expensive, but it can be cheaper, to boat a custom-made tassel. Right here are three methods to make homemade tassels. Personalized Tote Bags

You will need:

Tote Bag Sad ChickTote Bag Sad Chick

Take a publication, it may become any dimension for the size of tassel you wish. I used a book with the proportions of 6 and a half by 4 and a half inches. Wrap line of desired color, around reserve many moments, as solid as you would like tassel. tote bag a.p.c.

Slip a piece of twine through top of reserve under the lines of twine. Tie tightly, end up being sure to make use of a piece long plenty of to end up being able to tie loop at the best.

50cm tote bag,Remove the winds of twine from the book. End up being sure to remove straightly. Tie up a knot with lengthy piece of line 1 in . from the top of tassel. Tie up around a good amount of moments, after that tie it in a knot again, enable surplus thread to hang down tassel.

tote bag outline,Cut the bottom level edge of tassel evenly with scissors.

Tote Bag Animals TwoTote Bag Animals Two tote bag redbubble.

Tie up cycle at the top. You may protected knots with warm glue.

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These lovely little tassels are lot of fun for products! Tiny tassels are produced the same method as large types.

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